Zaatari Radio is an innovative humanitarian collective, aiming to empower war-affected communities around the world. In 2018 we established a radio station in Zaatari Village acting as a community-hub for creative individuals within the region, broadcasting health messages and important refugee information in the area.

Zaatari Radio is partnered with Acting For Change International, a humanitarian organisation that runs an education centre from Zaatari Village offering free education to war-affected children living there. Over Summer 2018, we provided radio-based workshops from their education centre that taught life skills whilst broadcasting Zaatari Radio to the surrounding area. Workshops and shows were focused on health messages, relaying important information relevant to refugees, and inspiring creativity within the Zaatari region.

In 2018 we collaborated with Concrete Jungle Foundation aiding in the construction of Angola’s first skatepark. The skatepark was completed in December 2018, and features an ‘Edu-Skate Program’ that teaches life skills to young adults through skateboarding.

For more information on the issues that Zaatari Radio can tackle as well as updates on our projects, please visit our About Us, Latest News and our Instagram pages