About Us

Zaatari Radio is a humanitarian collective initially formed to create a refugee-run radio station to serve people living in Zaatari Village. We aim to be at the very forefront of contemporary approaches to humanitarian relief; empowering crisis-affected peoples to engage in creative problem-solving to address challenges they face, and to create new opportunities out of these challenges. Where as more traditional approaches to humanitarian work focuses on improving organisational responses, Zaatari Radio engages with the capacities of communities affected by war, empowering these peoples to address the challenges they face in an innovative and pioneering way. Despite a firm body of published articles presenting research underlining the incredible work bottom-up approaches to humanitarian innovation has had across the world, a significant proportion of humanitarian responses favour a top-down approach whereby the participatory role of war-affected people is disregarded. On the contrary, Zaatari Radio addresses recent debates regarding humanitarian innovation by offering a people-centred response to crisis in which affected communities are at the forefront of navigating through the difficult environment in which they exist.

By supporting Zaatari Radio, you are supporting innovative humanitarian work that empowers war-affected communities living in Zaatari and beyond.  



Following our successful work in Jordan, we were invited to take part in the Concrete Jungle Foundation's construction of Angola's first ever skatepark. We will be travelling to Luanda to work alongside the Concrete Jungle Foundation and Angolan Skateboarding Union to build the skatepark and implementing an ‘Edu-Skate Program.’

Please head to Jordan 2018 to find out more about our work in Zaatari, and to the Angola Page to follow our work on the country’s first skatepark.

If you are interested in supporting Zaatari Radio in a fundraising or volunteering capacity please follow the links on the Contact Page to get involved.