Mapping the Rise of London’s Online Broadcasting to Refugee Radio

Tom Critchley

"Perhaps not the first similarity one would think of, but a closer examination reveals a number of trends between the two. This article assesses the similarities between online broadcasting in London and refugee radio, and asks if the latter can follow the example of online radio, and become a more prominent fixture worldwide."

Tom Critchley investigates similar trends between London's Online Radio stations and refugee broadcasting, asking if more could be done to support refugee radio. 

The Medium is Not the Message

Ross Field

"What is not provided in VR, that is provided in mediums such as literature, is a depth of emotional engagement and an openness to interpretation. Without which this could lead to VR being called a technologically advanced form of voyeurism, and even more severely as a form of disaster tourism"

Ross Field takes a critical look at the role of VR in creating empathy for refugees