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Our Kickstarter is in Full Swing...

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Our Kickstarter Campaign has just over two weeks reaming! And we've raised 69% of our target, through over 50 backers! We're incredibly proud of how well its gone so far, but this still means we require 30% of the target!

And if you are unaware of how Kickstarter works... its all or nothing! If we do not reach the funding target, we do not receive any of the pledge. Read the full Newsletter below and spend some time sharing our Kickstarter Campaign.!  


February Throwback...

Take a read of our second official newsletter! Fill in the gaps of what you may have missed over February. Podcasts were recorded, merchandise was released (and subsequently sold), and some engaging articles were written. 

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Thoughts on a busy January...



The project really got going over January, and following the website launch the initial response has been quite fantastic. We've had so many people, from all walks of life, wanting to get involved with Zaatari Radio in some form or another, and it has been quite touching to witness so many people caring for what we are doing and the situation in Zaatari...

Below is a link to our January Newsletter detailing what we were up to over the month, as well as what February has in store. 

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