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Angola’s First Skatepark!

Between November-December 2018, two Zaatari Radio members travelled to Angola to help construct the country’s very first skatepark in the capital city of Luanda alongside an international team assembled by Concrete Jungle Foundation and over 50 local volunteers. The 750m² skatepark was accompanied with an Edu-Skate Program focusing on empowerment and teaching life-skills to young adults in the area.

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Zaatari Radio are heading to Angola

Following our success in Jordan, Zaatari Radio has been invited to partner with Concrete Jungle Foundation and Angolan Skateboarding Union to help build Angola's first skatepark.


Zaatari Radio is broadcasting! 

We are currently a month into working in Jordan, and Zaatari Radio is fully established and broadcasting on 97.3FM (make sure you tune in if you are ever in the area! 

We've been working closely with Acting for Change International, providing radio-based workshops within their education centre that broadcast live on radio throughout Zaatari Village.  Throughout the curriculum we have been focusing on engaging with the arts and inspiring creativity within the children of Zaatari Village, as well as providing radio workshops that teach easily transferrable skills such as the English language public addressing. Over four weeks we have concentrated on teaching the history and science of radio, exploring the importance of story telling and photojournalism, inspiring musical creativity, and tackling health issues as highlighted within The Acting for Change Zaatari Village Needs Assessment (2018). 


The radio has been broadcasting music, news (especially World Cup updates), and stories shared between the refugee population and host-community. It has been extremely well received across Zaatari Village, the project has been moving along smoothly towards the handover date. 

We have also been contacted about undertaking a new project! We are extremely excited to share this with you, and we are just working on some finalisations before we can share our new adventure with you.... stay tuned!


Our Kickstarter is in Full Swing...

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February Throwback...

Take a read of our second official newsletter! Fill in the gaps of what you may have missed over February. Podcasts were recorded, merchandise was released (and subsequently sold), and some engaging articles were written. 

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Thoughts on a busy January...

The project really got going over January, and following the website launch the initial response has been quite fantastic. We've had so many people, from all walks of life, wanting to get involved with Zaatari Radio in some form or another, and it has been quite touching to witness so many people caring for what we are doing and the situation in Zaatari...

Below is a link to our January Newsletter detailing what we were up to over the month, as well as what February has in store.

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