Zaatari Radio Podcast Series

Musical Journeys: Mo3en - FRSKA

Due to the phenomenal success of his first Podcast with us, we are extremely excited to take you on a musical journey with Cairo-based DJ: Mo3en!

Mo3en specialises in world music, multi-cultural electronica, ethnic and down tempo Middle Eastern James, with a love of blending natural and real sounds with acute attention to detail. Mo3en’s music is age friendly and creates a feel-good atmosphere, taking the crowd on a middle eastern magic carpet ride to different countries across the region through diverse sound elements and unique cultural beats.

Sit back an enjoy this electronic adventure!

Musical Journeys: Luai Ahmaro

The second episode of our podcast series Musical Journeys: Conversations with Migrant Musicians.

Aisha sits down with Palestinian Luai Ahmaro, who shares his stories of growing up in Jerusalem and then travelling through the Middle East in search of his artistic home. Luai Ahmaro plays traditional Levant instruments, however his travels and the musical talents he has collaborated with on the way have also left a contemporary-tinge to his musical tastes.

Musical Journeys: Essien

Our first episode of a new podcast series: Musical Journeys: Conversations With Migrant Musicians.

Our host Aisha speaks with Essien, a Sudanese musician who travelled from Khartoum to Amman where he has been working in volunteering work since 2017. In the light of recent political upheaval in Sudan's capital Khartoum, Essien discusses the role of music in his home city, as well as comparing this to life adjusting to a new culture in Amman, and how music has helped his integration challenges.

We are very happy to share that between recording and editing this podcast, Essien has been granted a visa to move to Canada, and we wish him the best of luck on his new adventure!

Zaatari Radio 09: Zaatari Radio 09: Netil Radio with Sabrina Mumtaz Hasan & EYESORE


On August 23rd we were invited into the Netil Radio booth to take over the Hackney-based radio station for two hours to discuss our time in Jordan, as well as interview Sabrina Mumtaz Hasan and representatives from EYESORE magazine.

Sabrina has been doing groundbreaking work in investigating Soicio-Parasitology within the humanitarian field, and we discussed with EYESORE the roots of their publication, our article in their upcoming issue and what is next for the group.

This podcasts features tracks from Onyx Collective, Bedouin music and some Serbian folk!

Zaatari Radio 08: Seeds Of Tomorrow by Moعen

"Seeds Of Tomorrow is a special set made for Zaatari Radio station that broadcasts from Zaatari. I have been involved for the past 3 years with the camp through a documentary film called Tiny Souls directed by Dina Naser. In the set I added some bits and sounds as samples from the film.

Tiny Souls is about 9 years old Syrian girl,Marwa who stranded with her family in AL Zaatari Refugee camp. The director follows Marwa's life in the camp where she blossoms from being a child to becoming a young woman. Some might ask do Refugees need electronic music in their life's my own answer would be yes and music in general, I believe if one day 1% of those refugees became a musician, a dj, maybe film maker, or an artist in general that would be a great. To influence such souls is a great success, the best tool to tell a story is through art.



Zaatari Radio 07: Louis Gray (Colours)

Ahead of our fundraiser at the Love Inn in Bristol on June 28th with Bruce, Àrni, Robin (Giant Swan) Bokeh Edwards, and Ifeoluwa, we released a mix by our final component of the bill : Louis Gray from the Colours collective with a composition of Electro, House and Rave tunes within the mix.

An extremely successful evening of charitable techno that raised £725 for the project, a special thanks goes out to Sean who helped us organise the event whilst we were in Jordan, The Love Inn Bristol for hosting the evening, the DJs who provided the tunes, and of course, all the dancers who came out to make it such a special night and raise such as phenomenal amount. 

Zaatari Radio 06: Jasper Kirton x Wired Radio

As our Kickstarter Campaign has hit full swing, and our send-off date in June edges ever nearer, we bring you a Podcast from the Zaatari Radio archives...

Earlier this year, we were invited onto Jasper Kirton's Wired Radio show to discuss all things Zaatari Radio. It's a good opportunity to have a listen to a podcast more focused on our work, and get to know more about the project.

Jasper is one mind behind the esteemed Dance for Refuge, who put on parties with funding towards humanitarian projects. He drops some clues about their forthcoming events so well worth a listen for that. Beyond this, Jasper hosts radio shows across The Capital, can be found spinning records at nights such as You're A Melody, and also produces top-quality tracks himself. His varied talents are reflected in his choice of music, tune in for the talk and stay for the music... Jasper handpicked some top quality Middle Eastern jams for you all.

Zaatari Radio 05: Poltergeist Theatre

Zaatari Radio 05 is with Poltergeist Theatre! 

Poltergeist Theatre are an emerging theatre company catching lot of attention at the moment, and winning all sorts of awards with their play Lights Over Tesco Carpark. They are a New Diorama Emerging Theatre Company, travelling around the UK at the moment with their play, eventually taking it to The Fringe this August, 2018.

Their accolades speak for themselves, and we’re very honoured to have been given the chance to speak with an incredibly talented emerging theatre company. Asides from their current play, and the forthcoming Fringe, it was very interesting to hear about their experiences in establishing a theatre company at a young age.

                                   Zaatari Radio 04: Lady Bird

For Zaatari Radio 04 we sat down with one of the most sought after bands in the UK: Lady Bird. Having recently signed to Girl Fight Records, released their debut EP Social Potions, and featured as BBC Introducing Tack of The Week, Lady Bird's are at the forefront of British emerging artists.

We spoke about the role of local music venues in supporting new talent, signing to Girl Fight Records, and the support they've received from radio stations. If you're a fan of Lady Bird it's a great listen to hear more about these genuine and lovely punk rockers, or if you're new to the band it's a great opportunity to hear what they are about.

                                      Zaatari Radio 03: DUF Space

Our third podcast is with DUF Space. We’ve got some incredible sounds to accompany the podcast too: recordings from a refugee choir within the Eritrean Church at The Jungle, and radios playing between two refugee cafes in Greece.

We explore the most innovative debates in humanitarian work that are shaping the future of responses to refugee crisis. DUF Space are pioneers in shaping how we respond to war-affected people in Europe and beyond, and it was a pleasure to be able to sit down and talk about their work. A big thanks to them and Goldsmiths Uni for being so accommodating to the project as a whole. Hope you enjoy!

                                           Zaatari Radio 02: Will Joseph Cook

Our second guest for the podcast series is Will Joseph Cook, and what a lovely guy he is.

He had a whole host of interesting things to share with us including revealing more details about his own podcast series Bad Hotel, where he is drawing unexpected influences from, and some good and bad experiences on tour. There also features some hand picked music from the man himself. 

We really enjoyed recording this one, and highly reccommend giving it a listen! 

Zaatari Radio 01: Simkin


For our first podcast I sat down with radio host, Dj and Open Access Zone member Simkin to discuss the state of radio in London at the moment, his DJ collective and their most recent booking Eris Drew.


Some really interesting points were raised about the role of radio in supporting emerging artists, as well as giving a voice to marginalised communities. This is followed by a Simkin mix: tinges of techno, house and UKG, accumulating to an hour of that unique Open Access Zone sound.

Make sure to sign-up to the mailing list to get our next podcast as soon as its live: I sat down for an extended chat with Will Joseph Cook to talk about breaking down the barrier with fans, creating content that engages with the people he works with, and his unlikely sources of inspiration.