Zaatari Radio is a non-profit project, run in association with Acting For Change International. We are creating a community of artists around the world to support a community of artists living in Zaatari. We are doing this through running our podcast series that features musicians who support our work, as well as using our social media as a platform for sharing our work, and the work of emerging artists. 

At their base in Zaatari village, Acting For Change supply educational materials vital to ensure that the students get the maximum benefit from schooling, and provide a curriculum in Arabic language, maths and science. Acting For change offers the space to run Zaatari Radio, and the knowledge of the area to ensures its successful running. However, monetary donations are required to ensure the successful running of Zaatari Radio in Jordan, and our work beyond. 

Contributions to the project will go towards the running of the station through essential materials such as a radio transmitter, the logistical support required to ensure its successful running, and our work with Concrete Jungle Foundation in Angola.

Alternatively, visit Merchandise to view what is on offer.  100% of the money from our merchandise goes directly to funding Zaatari Radio.

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